Saturday, February 5, 2011

New abstract

Untitled (yet),  21x14" Acrylic on paper 
©2011, Helen Read 

This painting has been a few weeks in process. As you can see there are many layers and therefore, lots of time, both in the painting and in the analysis of what more needed to be done.  Though I haven't really planned it this way, I believe I've started working through some ideas in an abstract way, and I also believe I have more that is still yet to be!    

The idea behind this, though it is not yet titled, is the creative, playful, joyful presence and activity of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit who with his poetry and art gave his creativity to the forming of all we see in nature.  The Spirit who inspires art and beauty in our culture.  The Spirit who seeks the hearts of all who would be intrigued, and open, and desiring to know him.  

How can one portray these thoughts?  Certainly abstraction is the only vehicle.  And yet - the Spirit is not abstract, in the sense of the unknowable.  Unseen, yes ... but the works of his creativity are evidenced in every part of our existence!  And he makes his presence known within us. 

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