Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Great offer for Cyber Monday and more!!

Its all in 1 place and easy to browse!  
Visit today! 

Cyber Monday - Free Shipping on all purchases when shipped within the US.  (This could be a $20 or more saving!)
Here's how it works:   You make a purchase!  Paypal will charge shipping (I cannot disable that feature), but then, I will refund it right away... also through PayPal.  
Then, I package it and send it to you!
I always send an email to let you know it is on its way,  that way you'll know when to expect its arrival.   Easy and arrives very quickly through USPS. 

Also, here's another great opportunity!  We can partner together...
Its been heartbreaking to see the plight of so many refugees displaced and desperate for just the bare essentials of life.  We find ourselves in a delicate position of wanting to offer compassionate help and balancing that with the need for national security.  In the meantime, non profit organizations are able to provide essentials right now, where the refugees are.  So, now through December 18, I will happily donate 50% of all profits from sales to the needs of those in such desperate circumstances.
When you make a purchase of a beautiful piece of art, you can feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that purchase is also helping to provide needed food, medicines, and shelter for someone whose life literally hangs in the balance.  The need is great - so lets get involved and help!