Sunday, March 15, 2009

For My Studio Friends ~ our first contest!

I need your help!
Coming up with cool titles for my paintings can sometimes be a challenge!
These are 3 of my latest paintings - and they need something more than the
simple titles I came up with..... so -

Now through March 31st

I'm offering a contest to my Studio Friends
with a chance to win -
my newest set of floral notecards,
which are not yet available to the public.
(read the simple rules for this contest below!)

Acrylic on canvas (dill weed)

acrylic on paper (tea mug)

Oil on canvas (white tulip)

In order to participate:
1. Join my Studio Friends email group (information and a quick sign up box are located on the right side of my blog). If you get regular emails from me already, you are already a member - you can skip this step!
2. Email me with your title suggestions ... send me as many ideas as you have ~ which will give you more opportunities to win! my email address:
3. At the end of March, titles will be chosen from the suggestions for the 3 paintings above.
If your title is chosen, I'll contact you and find out the shipping address. You'll receive a hot-off-the-press set of my newest set of notecards featuring florals.
4. Oh - and of course! - Invite your friends to join us!
5. Then - look for next month's contest/drawing for all my Studio Friends members!

I hope you'll have fun with this. Its my way of acquainting you and others with my work ~ while establishing contacts and creating a little bit of fun!! Upcoming ideas, which will be open to my Friends include such things as freebie previews of some of my latest work in the form of free downloadable prints, online title parties - such as we are doing right now, drawings for free paintings, drawings for gift baskets, etc. So join us, if you haven't already!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

White Tulip

White Tulip, 28 x 28" Oil on canvas

This one is large - and it has taken awhile to finish. For more information on the progress of this painting, please click here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hope emerges

Seed, 18x20" Oil on panel, 1999

I'm posting an older painting today - one that was completed almost 10 yrs ago - but for the 1st day of March, it seemed appropriate. It is an abstraction of a seed pod. I am truly anxious for spring to begin to make things green again! It has been a long winter.

Winter in nature - but in a way - a sense of winter has descended on us nationally, it seems. There is much uncertainty, and a great deal of doom and gloom being preached from our highest national office. It is so easy to succumb to a spirit of fear. And fear inspires paralysis, lack of motivation, a tendency to pull in and close up. The spirit of "change" that so many people embraced just a few months ago, now appears to be rather empty. The changes that have been thrust upon us are ones that are hard to swallow. They fly in the face of our traditional values of independence and hard work and honoring life.

Its good, I think, to remember that in spite of the economic fear we can't deny, and the fact that "change" is altering the face of who we know ourselves to be, elected leaders and officials certainly do not have the last word. And "springtime within" seems nearer to me - within grasp even - when I remember in whose hands this world, the political scene, and my very life are held. In the hands and heart of God - our creator - we have all the essentials of hope.

"Yet, I dare to hope when I remember this: The unfailing love of the Lord never ends.... great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day." Lamentations 3:21,22