Friday, February 20, 2009

A very special cause..... Benefit Auction

Twilight, 8x8" Oil on Canvas

Auction Complete! This painting will be shipped to Austin, TX!

I want to introduce you to a family that has inspired and blessed me as they battle through a tragedy, which struck their family last October. Their son, JD, who is 12, had a very sudden accident that nearly resulted in his drowning. His life was saved, though there was a time soon after the accident when it wasn’t certain he would live. He has been in various stages of coma since the accident, though he continues to progress toward recovery. The family lives in Austin, TX and JD was hospitalized for a time there in Austin. For the last several months he has been in a Dallas area rehabilitation facility. The distance between the 2 cities is about 4 ½ hours. So JD, his mother, and youngest sister have been in Dallas, while JD’s dad, and 2 school-aged sisters have been living in Austin, making many trips back and forth.

Through it all, their family has dared to trust in God’s goodness and walk this difficult walk by faith. Such an inspiration. They have shown all of us how precious life is. Now, JD is being released to return to his home in Austin. His progress continues, but he will return to his home with a very long road of recovery still ahead. Many, many changes to their normal family life have had and will have to be made. A handicapped ready home has meant many construction changes. A van to accommodate JD and his wheel chair has been another unforeseen expense. Anyone who has had a major medical situation knows that insurance never covers everything. And there are ongoing medications and medical procedures that continue.

Many hands have helped, but more help is needed. Though I do not live anywhere near Austin – we can help in a creative way! The above painting is being auctioned for JD’s many needs. The profits from this painting will be donated to the family for the medical and/or peripheral expenses they have and continue to incur. I hope you will place a bid. And I also hope that you will inform others so that they may participate! The auction winner will receive this small, southwestern scene – and JD’s family will be helped in the process!

To find out more about JD’s story and to get a snapshot of his wonderful family, you can visit his CaringBridge link:

Also, you can visit his Facebook group - “Pray for JD Hartman”.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning Dew Drops

copyright 2009, Helen Read
Dill Weed, 6x6" acrylic on canvas
Features dew drops on dill weed in morning light.